Pams car2

l use a (Renault Clio Dynamique S  dCi 90) manual car for conducting lessons. it is fully insured and fitted with He-Man dual controls. Most pupils find it reliable and easy to  operate, thus suiting their needs. The vehicle will be presented in a good clean order, subject to the weather conditions. From time to time it may be necessary for me to use suitable alternative vehicles. The number of lessons required by each pupil to pass the DSA Practical Driving Test will depend on the ability of the pupil. I usually have an assortment of sweets and tissues on hand, which you can feel free to use. All l ask is that you do so when the car is in a safe convenient and legal place.

You must hold a  valid provisional driving licence before you can commence driving lessons. or book your Theory Test. You must also be able to read a car number plate at the required distance with glasses or contact lenses if required. Glasses or contact lenses MUST be worn for each and every driving lesson – it is a legal requirement.


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